God’s Undeserved Gift of Rescue and Eternal Life Offered to All Humanity – Your Identity In Christ (142) – May 21 2022

The common phrase – “In Christ”, mentioned often by many. This being the place and position of the redeemed, restored, reconciled born-again believer in Christ Jesus. But, how do we know if we are the ingrafted, a requirement for being ‘In Christ’, that 2 Corinthians 5:17 speaks of?

A-Cross The Great Chasm (Part 2) – Your Identity In Christ (140) – May 7 2022

The second of two programs looking at Luke 16:19-31, regarding the rich man and the destitute Lazarus, the Great Decision of Man as to continue to reject, or now accept God’s free gift of rescue from spiritual death in hell, leading to eternal life in Heaven.

A-Cross The Great Chasm (Part 1) – Your Identity In Christ (139) – April 30 2022

The first of two programs looking at Luke 16:19-31, regarding the rich man and the destitute Lazarus. On earth Lazarus was at the gate of the rich man, begging for anything that may drop from the man’s table. After both died (in the physical sense), the rich man and Lazarus switched positions.

Your Identity is in Christ, Not the Old Covenant – Your Identity In Christ (138) – April 23 2022

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to a person spoken of the Old Covenant/Testament, or are you fully aware of your identity in Christ that He bought with His blood of the New Covenant? While there are still important principles for us to learn from in the Old Testament, profound blessings such as the ability for a soul to decide to receive Christ Jesus within their own temple, by way of the new birth, must be understood. All comprehension of the Word of God must therefore be seen through the lens of the Cross.

Jesus – A Ransom For Many (Easter Message) – Your Identity In Christ (137) – April 16 2022

This Easter program we celebrate the tremendous sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, who became the Ransom for Many according to Matthew 20:28 (AMPC), so that the world might find salvation and be made safe and sound through Him (John 3:17, AMPC).

The Choice is Yours – Your Identity In Christ (117) – November 27 2021

The Lord loves you, whether you love him or reject him. He doesn’t favor one person over another since scripture says he’s no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34). There are ramifications in our daily lives, and ultimately our destiny, however, depending on whether we receive and confess Jesus as our Lord or keep on rejecting Him.