The Father: Withholding Deserved Punishment; Releasing Undeserved Favor (176) – January 14 2023

This week we look at God’s Grace. God is love, and so it is the love of the Great Jehovah for His creation, that reveals itself through His grace (undeserved favor) and mercy (withholding of deserved punishment). All of humanity gets to choose whether to love God in return, receive the undeserved free gift of salvation.

Forgiving Others, God Forgiving Us (175) – January 7 2023

Jesus prayed to his Father about the two criminals on the cross each side of his as recorded in Luke 23:34 “And Jesus prayed, Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” They were criminals who had done something wrong, but Jesus asked his Father to forgive them anyway, because they “know not what they do.”

Jesus Heals the Brokenhearted – Your Identity In Christ (174) – December 31 2022

We take a different path this week and focus on praying for the brokenhearted among you. This, while remembering who we are in Christ, and who has paid a price for us. That same LORD and Savior deeply cares for you and your heart and wants to heal it. Shall we allow him and open the door of our heart to Him?