Only Keep On Believing (181) – February 18 2023

Simply put, Jesus said to the ruler of the synagogue [Jairus], Do not be seized with alarm and struck with fear; only keep on believing.

We cover several small topics this week, including being free of sin and shame. That is, as long as we are walking according to the dictates of the Spirit and not our flesh.

The Longsuffering of the Father’s Heart (180) – February 11 2023

Against the backdrop of topics covered in recent weeks on God’s Grace, Mercy, Faith and Rest, we continue this journey of understanding the importance of knowing the Father and the Son. One of the ways is to see God’s nature and character in action in His Word. In this program we look at the Father’s heart in several situations and how His longsuffering continues with us to this day.

What Is The Rest Of God? What Do I Need To Do To Enter It? (179) – February 4 2023

In recent weeks we have been understanding some of the promises of God, as well as His nature and character, in order that we may realize how we can easily trust Him because He is faithful and has kind intentions in His heart. We have been talking about God’s grace, our undeserved favor from God, and his mercy, His punishment withheld from us. Today having this trust and faith in God that He is good, that He does not want to harm us but only love us and grow us, we look at the blessing and promise of His Rest.

Having Anxious Thoughts? They Cause Your Days to be Made Evil (178) – January 28 2023

This week we focus on guarding our hearts and minds, so that what we think, believe and ponder on remains fixed on that which lines up with the very Word of the Living God Almighty. Else, we permit evil circumstances to come against us each day, regardless of our knowledge or ignorance of these principles. Worse, we question or even blame our Heavenly Father on how he could have allowed us to have such a bad day!

The Father: Withholding Deserved Punishment; Releasing Undeserved Favor (176) – January 14 2023

This week we look at God’s Grace. God is love, and so it is the love of the Great Jehovah for His creation, that reveals itself through His grace (undeserved favor) and mercy (withholding of deserved punishment). All of humanity gets to choose whether to love God in return, receive the undeserved free gift of salvation.

Forgiving Others, God Forgiving Us (175) – January 7 2023

Jesus prayed to his Father about the two criminals on the cross each side of his as recorded in Luke 23:34 “And Jesus prayed, Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” They were criminals who had done something wrong, but Jesus asked his Father to forgive them anyway, because they “know not what they do.”

Jesus Heals the Brokenhearted – Your Identity In Christ (174) – December 31 2022

We take a different path this week and focus on praying for the brokenhearted among you. This, while remembering who we are in Christ, and who has paid a price for us. That same LORD and Savior deeply cares for you and your heart and wants to heal it. Shall we allow him and open the door of our heart to Him?

A Follower or Only a Fan of Christ? – Your Identity In Christ (172) – December 17 2022

Catrice begins to explore the distinction between being a fan and a follower of Christ Jesus. The critical importance it is for all believers to examine themselves frequently to ensure they are true followers of Christ, rather than being only a fan of Jesus, spectating from the side with a ‘Christian’ label, falsely believing they are ‘meeting all the requirements’