Destroyed… because you have rejected knowledge (Hosea 4:6) in a land of darkness

As I walk among a crowd in darkness I see joyless faces of souls whose single goal in life appears to be to live and not die… by just getting by. I sense that they believe these are the cards of life that their existence got handed at their first breath.
This crowd could be anywhere. It’s in a land of darkness, another silent path to hell, the blind leading the blind who are leading more blind.
It’s home to thousands of centuries-old church buildings teaching vast swaths of God’s precious creation little to nothing about a believers’ identity in Christ. Indeed, the terms ‘born again’ or ‘saved’ is scarcely used here. The one or two ‘christian’ radio stations don’t teach it either and seem to only play music that keeps the lukewarm from getting hot. That seems to be commonplace in other countries also. The disgrace of those who ‘teach’ here continually churn out and sculpt unsuspecting children of the devil, deceived and blinded by satan to the extent that they are not being taught that they NEED Jesus and that Jesus wants a relationship with them.
Members in the crowd sadly reject Jesus in front of me and want me out of their way. They reject the One who created them. The One who has fed them whilst they sinned against the most Holy One of all. They are in darkness. If only they truly knew. How is the darkness so thick here? It seems normal to reject the knowledge of the Truth here, which is causing precious souls to help the devil keep their chains of bondage, while some of these then have the further ignorance, to blame the One who loves them, for their woes!
Those who claim to be ministers in buildings of old have done these souls and I an incredible disservice! How such a travesty has remained in this land for centuries is astonishing. How for example a so called head of a church ‘authority’ can not know God and claim to represent Him….. And speak of his own doubt on national news…… That person needs to understand the love of God but in the meantime should be stricken from being allowed to be in that position of representing God. Individuals like him unwittingly leads more even further astray at their peril.
But how these in their position get to think this way? Again because they are destroyed because they have rejected knowledge. (Hosea 4:6). They have copied others and refused to ’cause a scene’ in front of others. Sheep are not supposed to follow other sheep. They are supposed to follow their shepherd.
The historical buildings are a deception themselves. Making others believe there is something justified and special about their existence behind the hallowed walls. Only to find out the whole Gospel is far from being spoken inside most of them. For what gain? For those who go to these places are in a worse position than those who have a better likelihood of accepting Jesus out in the cold stark existence of their daily brokenness. The churchgoers grow up into perfectly lukewarm ‘Christians’…. Only to be spat out of Jesus’ very mouth according to the Word of God.
This is happening everywhere not just in this historically darkened land. God said to me some years ago ‘The people of England know of me but they don’t know me.’  I believe that was the voice of the Lord. I and others must pray for believers to become followers in this land and not become intimidated by the darkness for we have already overcome it in Christ. This could be any country. Anywhere in the world. God’s love is no less or more for one compared to another. The ending is that Jesus returns. But for who? Why are people so happy about Jesus returning when so many will be sent to the lake of fire? Where is the compassion? We must show Jesus to the world. Myself included. It’s not a choice. It’s a commandment of our Lord. Mark 16:15.

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