Believing in the Gravity of Jesus

On earth gravity is always present. We cannot see it but we know it’s there because we don’t float off into outer space.
On earth Jesus is always present in every believer. We cannot see Jesus but He’s there because He does miracles through us according to the degree that we believe that He wants and can perform these miracles through us.
Science is continually proving what God’s Word has been saying all along. Yet based on the lack of the power of the gospel being proclaimed both inside and outside the walls of a church building, most Christians it seems believe more in gravity than they do in Jesus. At least they may believe Jesus died for their sins and allows them eternal life based on their believing in Him and confessing Him as Lord (Rom 10:9) but that is where it stops.
Gravity hasn’t given us a great commission. Gravity is not offensive. Gravity doesn’t expect of us. Gravity serves us instead of us having to serve it.
The harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few Jesus said.
I feel both sad and angry that a lot of God’s sheep have fallen astray to false doctrine. It is so important that we are taught by a preacher who is moving in the signs and wonders of Christ, because that is someone who understands, at least in part, the power of God’s Holy Spirit to set people free from the various forms of bondage.
But even demonstrations are not enough. They have to be accompanied by pure and unapologetic teachings of the Word of God. No believer is excluded from the Great Commission of Jesus. If a ship is on fire the captain orders “ALL HANDS ON DECK!”
Jesus has commanded All believers to LAY ALL HANDS ON THE SICK. Mark 16. Matthew 28.  No excuses.
So why do we not see this commonplace in our walks of life? Poor shepherding by teachers of the flock. Laid back Christians just waiting to hand their ticket to the angel at the gates of Heaven. Christians not researching the gospel for themselves to see if what they are hearing is lining up with what God has said.
Christians giving up when they don’t see results. (the world is ahead on this one. They say ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try try again!)
Jesus never threw in the towel for us. So since when do we believe we have a choice to not do the right thing when we see a situation that God wants us to do something about?
Where has God said that we can be laid back and treat His commands of the great commission as optional tasks?
I am glad Jesus didn’t see the cross as optional. I am blessed to know He loved me regardless of me sinning against Him.
You ministers teaching that prophets or pastors don’t have a responsibility to heal the sick or cast out demons or even lead someone to Christ. You best repent and put down the microphone for a season, get back in the Word before you cause less laborers in the harvest. Evangelists are also supposed to be Prophetic. We are all supposed to be leading people to Jesus. Telling of the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Saints lets be responsible. Let us wake up. Let us charge forward by force and take back the territory the powers of darkness has stolen from underneath your watch.
Let us be the warriors, the army of God that we have been called to be. There was a reason God’s Word says that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. It’s not just for things on this earth but for enforcing the defeat of Satan and his pathetic excuse for a demonic realm.
Let us son and daughter “up” and no longer allow death and hell to keep walking on us and God’s Creation.
Repent. Turn about. Turn back to Jesus. Forget the past. Walk lock step with your Lord! God is trying to create today and tomorrow as Co laborers with you based on how you want it to be. And hopefully, like Jesus, that is according to God’s will and not your own.
Pastor Marc


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