Mothers Day healings

Mothers Day healings

My wife, a friend, and I laid hands on two separate ladies in church today.

One lady had pain from the left side of her body. Her rotator cuff in her left shoulder as well as her elbow and hip and her left side of her body had been in pain for some time.   We laid hands and commanded pain, infirmity and affliction to leave.  We declared the life of Jesus in healing her body.   We repeated these things and within 10 minutes the pain went from a 10 down to a zero.   I told her to take off her arm sling.  When she took it off there was some soreness left. We spoke against it and it left.  Although soreness is the stage usually found after the pain is gone but God has not finished healing.  Simply waiting and believing in faith that the healing is still occurring at this point is enough for the sick to tell you that the soreness is gone after another couple of minutes.

The second lady had a bone sticking up in her right foot.  The pain number she gave us began as a 5 then a 3 then she said she felt no more pain.  This was over the course of about 10 minutes as well.   When I asked her she would not take off her boot but I encouraged her to take it off and walk on it when she got home.   She was afraid to put weight on it but usually the act of obedience and or faith by the sick person will bring about the healing or completion of one.  But the sick are not required to have faith.    Jesus said believers are the ones who will lay hands on the sick.  So the sick are the unbelievers.   You should not find a Christian who is sick.  If you do their mind needs to be renewed by the Word of God on the topic of divine healing and God’s Will on the matter.

Praise be to God.

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