Extinguishing Doubt and Unbelief Allows Your Faith to Move Mountains (184) – March 11 2023

It’s a lot easier to trust in someone once you get to know them. Trusting in the Lord allows our Faith to be used more effectively, simply because once you know the Lord’s nature and character, you realize there is no reason to doubt what He has promised us. When doubt, unbelief and fear have all been removed, all that is left is pure Faith. That’s when the mountains you’re speaking to begin to move!

God Breathed and Inspired the Scriptures; Man Recorded Them – Your Identity In Christ (145) – June 11 2022

We speak this week about the Scriptures being God-Breathed, according to 2 Timothy 3:16. That God wrote the Bible, and not man, albeit man had the role of recording and writing these Scriptures down to form the Bible. Man being led and inspired by the Holy Spirit what to write down.