Your Rescue from Darkness Still Within Reach Until Your Last Breath or the Master Closes the Door (Whichever Comes First)

Your rescue is still within reach, for now. The Master’s door is still open, for now (Luke 13:23-28). Salvation is still available, for now. The Lord’s hand is stretched out. You have to decide whether to grab a hold or continue gambling your eternal existence while wandering aimlessly wayward.

The shackles of captivity born of your sin, those shackles are strong, but weak compared to the power of the blood that Christ Jesus shed for you – personally. The Lord is just waiting for you to make a decision for Him, to receive Him as Lord, to give him your heart. He wants you, He loves you. His sacrifice at the Cross as rendered powerless sin and death – but only for those who receive Jesus. (Romans 8:2).

What do you need to do to be rescued, redeemed back to God with no more separation between you and Him? It’s simply a heartfelt cry, making the decision that Jesus is now Lord over your life, commencing a relationship with Him, instead of continuing to live a life in the world in the opposite direction without Him. You decide to believe that God (the Father) raised Him from the dead (Romans 10:9). You are then SAVED! Then send us a prayer request so we can pray with you and help you with your next steps.

If you were previously told the Good News (the Gospel) of Jesus Christ, but chose to reject Him “for now”, you have already made your bed of eternal existence. But while you are still breathing, you have the ability to change your choice from one that leads to literal Hell, Sheol, Hades and eternal torment, to one of accepting the Lord’s free gift of paying for your sins, being rescued from out of the powers of darkness and moved into God’s kingdom (Colossians 1:13). Will you change your past choice to one for Christ today?

Don’t be the fool in Psalm 14:1 that says there is no God. Don’t be the precious soul that continues to be blinded and being kept wandering in a fog, from the truth by the devil himself (2 Corinthians 4:4).

Come as you are. God doesn’t expect perfection. He knows you are but of dust. (Psalm 103:14). If you came perfect then Jesus died in vain for you. If you still reject Christ, he still died in vain for you.

Make the decision today, don’t put it off. How do you know you will still be alive this time tomorrow? This message is in love. Love comes in various forms. If someone doesn’t tell you the full truth that you should know, they may say they love you, but they don’t love you enough to tell you what you really need to know. If someone knows of the cliff-edge I’m about to walk over but don’t tell me, they are not truly loving me.

Give it up. Lay down your burdens, lay down your pride. Put down your tools today. Receive the undeserved mercy and grace of God. You can never earn it. Give it up. Jesus loves you. Receive His love and forgiveness. There is freedom of captivity, guilt, condemnation and all forms of evil in the kingdom of Jesus for those who stay walking with Jesus, for those who repent and stay focused on Him and abide by His Truth of His scriptures – which are Spirit and Life (John 6:63).

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