Who is God to You?

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

When we are in need we want to do many things. We want to talk to friends, strangers, the specialist. The truth is, where can we go that God’s not there? Who can we ask when God knows more than them? Who could be more comforting than God’s presence? What source can out-source the Great I Am.

Our flesh desires to look outside of God’s provision at times. Where can we go that God’s not the provider?

At times we will be tempted to seek another and another. We look to be filled with that something. It’s not in a TV show, social media, random books, food, drugs, idle chit chat, or anything else. All we need is God. Only God can heal pain, fill emptiness, and so much more.

We must not turn our gaze from the one who died for us. When we don’t have the answers, God does. When we need more, it’s God we need more of. If I were a computer and had problems you would take me to the manufacturer. Why as human beings do we go to anything else but God for our problems?


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