My Heart For YOU, Precious Soul (October 2018)

Dearest Soul, that your heart would be open to my prayers for you as you scroll through this post.

Dearest Soul, my heart desires for you to be set free from anything that is troubling you. My heart longs for you to know Jesus.

Dearest Soul, whether you believe it or not, Jesus DOES love you, and you are so precious to Him.

Dearest Soul, for 10 minutes, try to turn to the one who loves you, doesn’t hate you, isn’t disappointed with you, sacrificed his life to save yours, and is desperately trying to reach you. Jesus desires you bring him along in your every day life. He longs to spend time with you. His heart yearns for you to get to know Him. What do you have to lose? Where is the harm? Have you ever tried? Give God a chance. Ask him to help you tell him what is on your heart. Ask him to help you listen to what he says to you heart.

Dearest Soul, He’s still waiting at the front door, knocking gently on your heart, hoping you will allow him in. You were never supposed to be separated from the One who loves you. He never left us. We left Him.

Dearest Soul, if you could just for moment Trust God, begin to know His Dear heart, how much He loves you. Put aside your pre-conceived ideas of God. God has never caused a situation in your life to negatively affect you. It wasn’t God that took the life of a dear loved one (Mark 12:27).

Dearest Soul, fall into the arms of Jesus. He is your great refuge, He can be trusted, He has never failed you, He has only good things to say about you. He has only good plans for you. He wants to save you, He wants to get rid of the sinful nature that your ancestors Adam and Eve caused you to inherit. He wants to put His spirit in you. He wants to re-create you. He wants you to come back to Him, He wants you to be His Son and Daughter. He wants you to walk out your calling of grow up in every way into Christ Jesus (Ephesians 4:15).

Oh Dear Lord let this Dearest Soul hear your heart’s cry for them above all other noise in their life.

Dearest Soul, I seek the Lord’s ear to hear my heart for you. I don’t know you, but I do know that the soul behind the fingers moving this post up the smartphone screen is a very precious one to God. So precious that Jesus suffered for you to be reconciled back to God, for your sins to be remitted, and for God to no longer remember them.

Dearest Soul, for your Creator, a Creator that is not a machine, but a loving Father, a loving Son, formed your inward parts with immense care, pleasure and love, within your Mother’s womb. Every hair on your head is numbered, every breath and teardrop is precious to Him.

Dearest Soul, my heart seeks that you seek Jesus with your whole heart. You have the will to do it. Your mind may not want to do it, but the depths of your heart are seeking Truth. Follow your heart, not your mind. Give God a chance in your life.

Dearest Soul, open your heart, God won’t bite, he won’t do you wrong. Look in the mirror. You are beautiful inside and out. Don’t get another person’s opinion about what you should do. Just seek Him with all of your heart. Let Jesus in to your heart. Give him all the areas of it. You will wonder why you waited so long to do it, like I did. I promise.

Dearest Soul, no matter what you’ve done, drop it at the feet of the Cross. Give it over to Jesus. Repent, just give it over to Jesus, ask him to have his blood cleanse you of all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). Give your life to Him, open your arms wide and allow God to change you.

Dearest Soul, reach out to us, call us +1 407 705 3151 for Prayer, or send us a Prayer request online. We are here to love on you, to help you walk this path with you and God.

Pastor Marc



1 Comment

  1. Kindly pray for healing of Mrs. Satvinder @Mrs. Ruby Porter. She is feeling hotness in head even though there is no fever. She is also having hotness in stomach and taking about having seen naked people and cross in between.

    Kindly pray for me (Cyril S. Porter). For protection of Spirit, Soul and Body of self and all my dependents. We are from India and Indian.

    That God may have mercy on all of us and forgive all our sins. Amen


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