Taking Time to Notice

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God is so good at all times. I was on my way into a store and I saw this lady. As I passed her I could tell that she was suffering. How could I not ask to pray for her. Immediately doubt tried to creep in. Her suffering weighed more than fear. I asked, “can I please pray for you. I passed by you and you seemed like you were going through something”. She said, “please do”. I was so happy to be used by God. She said she had pain in her foot. I layer hands on her shoulder and began to pray. Than I told her to check her foot. She said the pain hadn’t changed much at all. Then I said, let me pray again because Jesus paid for your healing. I prayed again for her and asked her to check her foot. She said wow, there is a big change. I asked is it completely gone? She said no but I had done a good job. Then I said Jesus paid for your complete healing not partial. Then as she was saying it’s ok, I knew that it was on its way out completely, and I told her as she goes the healing is continuing. How faithful is God. This lady began to cry because she was more touched that someone took the time to stop and notice her and her pain. Take time today to notice who can be helped. God is so good.

Pastor Catrice


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